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Originally Posted by Ethan Winer ➡️
It depends on the plug-in and host program's bit depth. Most modern DAW programs use 32-bit floating point math for all operations. In that case the level passing through the plug-in is almost irrelevant. This is discussed in my AES Audio Myths video, in the section starting at 53:39, and specifically at 54:44. In that example I sent a normalized pop tune through an EQ plug-in after boosting the volume by 18 dB. So the volume was way over digital zero, yet the output of the EQ nulled completely with a parallel track that didn't have the volume boost. That part of the video also shows how you can do tests like this yourself.

Ethan, thanks. Yet how come people on here insist that gain staging is a big issue in digital? I can see how it of course affects the simutaneous use of any outboard processing, but aside from that? Keeping everything ITB (with things handled by 32-bit floating processing) all we have to watch is the peak level on the master.