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I concur with the poster above regarding Taylor Swifts work, classic modern pop. It's not in the same caliber with the Britney Spears work however which has a higher production element. These are for pop reference.

Other reference CDs for other types of music would be:
Imogene Heap - electronica & techno
James Taylors's Mexico & Hourglass for ballad, light rock
Bonnie Raitt - Souls Alike, Out of time for country rock, ballad
Vince Gill - the 4 CD collection for country
David Grissman Hot Dawg- Blue grass or folk music/traditional
Norah Jones - any album - for R&B
Ricky Skaggs - New Strings for Bluegrass
Sting - any of his solo albums for a study in ambiance
Led Zepplin - anything for classic rock.
Steve Winwood - 9 lives for R&B.