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To each his own. I believe in education... but it takes all forms.

In my earlier life, I collected pieces of paper. Diplomas, business licenses, etc... I could fill a drawer... if I had bothered to keep them.

Now, I find myself for the first time being so completely engaged by something that I can't wait to learn something new every day. For me, it's jazz composition. A super condensed course from the ground up in general music theory and beyond.

I took one theory class in college, and never showed up in class or cared about the boring assignments. I learned a lot it college... but most of it wasn't from classes. Despite being debatably overeducated, I find that MOST of what I know on nearly every subject has come from my own curiosity and paying attention whenever a learning opportunity presents itself.

I've looked at various online options, local community college, etc.

Here's my take, though. I've learned more in the past year on GS than I did in a year at Full Sail back in the day. The tuition has been somewhat less to boot.

I wanted to learn about credit a couple years back, and could write a book with what I learned in a few thousand posts on

I have a few other examples, but I feel in general like the internet is a complete game changer. If I wanted to study 12 hours a day, I could find enough material online, at my local library, etc... to last until I couldn't stand it any more.

So, for me... I've located a dozen or so books. Most are WAY beyond me at the moment, but I've already worked through a few. As I continue working on my solo album, I spend a couple hours each day REGIMENTED purely for the study of theory and composition. I read. I do the exercises. NOTHING interferes with that time. In under a month, I've written stuff I couldn't even conceive of, let alone create prior to opening Pandora's box.

The pace I am learning at is far beyond anything any class could offer, but it is so because of my focus.

So what's the point of all the rambling? It's a brave new world. The best education in the world (short of personal interaction with a master in your field) is available to anyone with the drive to seek it. However, that road requires that you be a self starter.

If you do, as another poster mentioned, waste time debating which book to read rather than reading, then by all means enroll in something... anything... to get going.

It is truly amazing, though, how many forums there are out there with world class knowledge there for the having if you only look... and ask... and study... and look... and ask... and study.

Amazing times.