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I'm in the middle of my second course online with Berklee. The courses are definitely expensive, but they are very good. I guess whether they are over-priced will be determined on whether your potential increase in income or pure enrichment justify "expensive." I'm not a professional songwriter, so I suppose the music theory course I took and the melody course I'm currently taking better make my songs feel $2000 better to me over the course of my lifetime.

Money aside, I do find that the courses are a VERY good way to avoid posting online asking "what book should I read" and 6 book suggestions later still taking a stab in the dark, reading the wrong book the first 4 times (or not even getting through it) and then still having questions. The theory class was full of stuff I really wanted to/should know. The melody class is geared at songwriting and really has had a lot of "aha!" moments for me...even in the first week. I've taken several tidbits out of it that have really made me more comfortable with my weakest spot, which is writing vocal melodies.

As far as the materials and instruction, I've found the melody class materials to be a little more "thrown together" and a little less detailed than the theory class. I suppose that's a function of the teacher who put them together. I've had to put a tiny bit of extra web-sleuthing in once or twice to get terms that weren't as clear as they should be. Generally though, the materials are good. The instructors seem to be receptive/responsive across the board.

Bottom line...I think the classes are REALLY expensive, but I think they're good. Just like any brick and mortar school, the quality of the classes and teachers will vary. They've been a good way to build a little musical human capital, if nothing more.