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Originally Posted by timlloyd ➡️
That's interesting. Could you go into that briefly or point me in the direction of another source of information? thanks thumbsup
Digital artefacts (sometimes considered errors) can be used for artistic effect?
Truth or Myth?


Artefacts of digital system can be used for effect, in much the same way as analogue systems have been used for decades before.

The effects are of course different, but that should not stop engineers searching them out and using them artistically if appropriate. As has always been the case, this is often the role of a good sound engineer.

And of course designers of artist digital effects may employ digital artefacts in the intended design of their products, if they are appropriate for the sound they are trying to generate.

One of the biggest misperceptions in the digital arena is the notion of 'exactness' somehow being the only goal and justification for an artistic product. Whereas precision and exactness are a good things for, mixers, converters, monitoring and other reference equipment, needed in the signal chain, artistic applications require a more lateral view and should be based only on the intended sound character of the product - not some religious notion of correctness.

How the sound is generated should be secondary to the effect and character the designer is trying to create.