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Originally Posted by phas3d ➡️
Hi, Paul. Have to disagree there as some digital systems exceed the 20KHz threshold. As for supersonic freqs I can't dispute there. However if the limit is set at 20KHz as you know there are filters applied to set that limit that will affect amplitude and possibly frequency shifts near bandwidth limit.
Much respect...
If I take this as a personal opinion question, yes we can sample higher and can obtain a greater bandwidth from doing so.

But in all the tests I have ever done on a system that was properly designed, I could find no way I could produce any signal (however complex, strange and deliberately difficult) that was changed in its sound by the 20KHz band limit on its own.

There may indeed be designs (which include filters) that do not function as well as they might, that may improve by sampling at higher rates, of course there must be.

But the question was about whether the band limit in itself was a fundamental cause of reduced sound quality.

From my own perspective, research and opinion I must be honest and say - no..

It does not have to be a limitation in sound quality.

This is where I start repeating answers I have made in many many threads over the last decade - and I know the answers will be as controversial as ever, because they seem counter-intuitive - nothing changes.. It's only a question of time before someone takes offense :-(