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Paul Frindle - Is This Truth Or Myth? -

Paul Frindle - Digital Truth's and Myth's

Paul Frindle - Product Design
Paul Frindle has 35 years' experience in the pro audio and music industries. He has worked as a studio engineer in Oxford and Paris, and was a design engineer at SSL with responsibilities for E and G-series analogue consoles, emerging assignable consoles and nascent digital audio products. As one of the original team that became Sony Oxford, he is responsible for many revolutionary aspects of the Sony OXF-R3 mixing console. More recently he was responsible for product design and quality assurance at Oxford Plugins. On leaving Sony Oxford, he co-founded Pro Audio DSP in order to make novel sound-processing applications to fulfill many issues he had identified in the audio production chain over his career.
Paul is a very trusted Pro Audio Digital Myth buster here at Gearslutz. He has debated and answered the best questions and has giving a wealth of knowledge throughout this fine forum but, all the info is scattered and he has had to answer the same question over and over and over again.
Well now, hopefully this can be a sticky and a link for My Frindle to revert people back too instead of, writing the same thing over and over again.

So Paul, I guess I will just say that, this is an area for you to take your time, answer in great detail if you would like so that you don't have to re-explain yourself in other threads and just lead others to your "in-detail answer" here….

I'll start off the most requested questions that I see on the internet now a days, and all I ask from Gearsluters is,

Please ask your questions like this…

"Is This Truth Or Myth? -"

That way, he can give an easy answer at first, and explain it for the hardcore digital geeks and pro audio heads here….


If you want to debate with him on something he has answered here, please feel free to start a thread about that issue and PM him to let him know where it's located.
Reason being, this will keep this thread clean and informational for people that just want to know his opinion on that matter and not everyone else's.

Thanx in advanced to all that help this thread become a great "THREAD OF KNOWLEDGE"

So, I'll start it off…..

1. Is This Truth Or Myth? -
Digital can achieve and/or surpass the best analog headroom.

2. Is This Truth Or Myth? -
Digital can truly and fully emulate analog mixing boards of yester year (SSL/NEVE etc).

3. Is This Truth Or Myth? -
Digital system's hardware only achieve 20hz - 20khz, there is no reason to have a plugin @ 10hz - 40khz? We can't hear and/or feel the difference.

4. Is This Truth Or Myth? -
Current metering plugins/systems are totally accurate? Which one would you recommend by the way.

5. Is This Truth Or Myth? -
64bit will help the sound of older and/or current plugins.

6. Is This Truth Or Myth? -
Pro Tools 48bit Mix engine is enough to handle a 192 channel mix accurately? It would not have to be a 56bit, 64bit or even a 72bit mixer.

7. Is This Truth Or Myth? -
In Pro Tools, as you know, On a TDM system, plugins handle like this
TDM = 24bit in to (If plugin is double precision) 48bit to 24 bit out
RTAS = 32bit in to (If plugin is double precision) 64bit to 32bit out
TDM to RTAS to TDM = 24bit in to 48bit to 24bit out, to 32bit in to 64bit to 32bit out, to 24bit in to 48bit to 24bit out.
So it is not good to use TDM to RTAS or RTAS to TDM as too many calculations will only make sound worst and/or Pro Tools mix engine can not handle
all these calculations and will only make your mix/recording worst.

8. Is This Truth Or Myth? -
It is better to stay totally ITB then to use a summing mixer for width/depth/headroom. Minus color of course.

9. Is This Truth Or Myth? -
Even with today's cpu's, there is no way that we could exceed the sound of old reverb units. (Lexicon 480L/PCM90 etc)

10. Is This Truth Or Myth? -
64bit floating point is better than 48bit fixed point. In fact, we should go 72bit to make it more analogy.

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