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I didnt quote your whole post again because you said all that in your first post. And all about importance of analog circuitry alongside converters chips was mentioned by me and few other guys in start of this thread, so whats YOUR purpose in repeating all that?
I repeated some of my original questions because you've made assertions but not substantive answers to those questions.

Converter chips DO make significant change in overall price of the unit. and there IS a standard for AD/DA specification values, check AES17 in google.
Maybe they do contribute to a change in overall price, but like I said, they tell you virtually nothing about WHY a unit costs what it costs. I suppose my implied point is that the analog circuitry to, from and around the converter IS the primary reason the converter is what it is in terms of overall quality and price. The chip IS NOT the primary reason for that, so once again you can't know anything of real value simply by knowing the chip unless we're to specify a circuit layout and everything else involved with the particular converter in question. Knowing you have a MOTU converter box, for example, with X converter chip is not a clear explanation of all of the particulars involved with that converter. We know nothing of the PLL, we know nothing of the noise suppression techniques employed, we know nothing of the filtering, the clocking, the circuit layout, the objectives and methodology of the evaluator when they are determining what to publish as specs, etc... It's just not as simple as knowing the chip and then you all of a sudden understanding the specs you're reading. That's not how it works, yet you seem to want to assert that it is.