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Originally Posted by Enlightened Hand ➡️
I guess the primary question I can ask with a thread like this is: Why does it matter to the end user?

If the assumption is that for whatever reason certain high quality manufacturers will only use certain high quality converter chips then I think it's important to continually point out what has already been stated: It's not mostly about the chip that causes the quality of a converter to be either ordinary or of extreme high quality. It's all of the circuitry going to and from and around that chip in the converter's design that makes or breaks high quality. That being the case I don't see the relevance to an end user of specifying the conversion chip. What is the benefit to the end user in knowing that?

If this list is about debating the qualities of particular converter chip designs then I think this is certainly not the environment where such a debate could be productively held. Very few end users are even vaguely familiar with the esoteric details of analog to digital conversion and how it's implemented in a converter chip. The vast majority of people ever to read this thread will not know the differences between a third order crystal and a fifth order crystal and how that makes any difference to anything audio related. Also, these types of discussions are full of special caveats and debatable issues that are all dependent on the specific designs of entire conversion circuits and the preferences of converter designers with respect to noise suppression techniques and all kinds of other stuff. It's just not a productive thing to discuss among relatively uninformed end users. So what is the benefit in the list within that context?
Firstly, one can check chips specifications on official manufacturers page and check its spcifications. If the values are the same, potential buyer knows he is being fooled. It is not possible to have same digital dynamic range values once its inside the interface enviroment. (Ive read this somewhere)

Secondly, one can have clearer sight on why some interface costs 5k$ and other 200$. And much clearer sight on what he is going to buy. heh

Thirdly, I visit GS for having fun. Knowing what chip is inside some box amuses me. Dont get too serious about this, as we get misled and PR-d and silently bombarded with marketing every day here. This list is just plain facts, everyone can make out of it what they will.