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Originally Posted by mfranken ➡️
I see no reason why EdiCue won't handle this. If you are going to create your cues in Pro Tools however you will probably have problems exporting the text file as PT can't create a UTF-8 (Unicode) text encoded file. I also don't know if PT works as expected in a right-to-left environment.

One of our clients was in Russia recording ADR and needed to print cue sheets with Cyrillic text. They ended up creating the cues in PT without entering the cue's text, then in TextEdit they added the Cyrillic and save the PT text file with a UTF-8 encoding. Then setup EdiCue's import prefs to UTF-8 and imported the file. All worked great.

You might have success with PT if the host computer is setup using the native language that you are cueing (at install time). Export the text file, then import into EdiCue using the 'System Setting' text encoding. If the system is set to use an encoding that contains all the characters you require then you should be okay. One sticking point with this may be that you might not be able to create/transfer the western characters required for the 'Tags'. eg: [r1].

Hope this helps. If you have a chance to try this out feel free to contact me directly.


Usually mixing Hebrew with English becomes a real problem.
No Microsoft word, no internet browser works flawless with it. You must always "cheat" the program to insert a Hebrew word and to continue with English in correct order. It's a little bit better on Win machine....but we are mostly working on Macs here. I have never experience any problems with Russian. It's fully supported by most text protocols.