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Originally Posted by JayT ➡️

Maybe this old thread of mine can be also interesting here:
LiquidMix EQ bugs proved by measurements

The situation hasn't changed that much since then. Focusrite posted an explanation, why the liquid mix does these strange things in the lower mids and bass frequencies, but did nothing to solve the problem.
Inaccuracies in the EQ graph at low frequencies. .: Focusrite Answerbase

The wrong response of emulation "MEAT PIE" is due to an failure of the hardware compressor, that had been sampled. So again: No solution.

They promised to fix the errors in the impulse response of "HUGE TUBE"
as soon as possible - they hadn't done anything since then.

Summary: The LiquidMix is a good EQ-Settings-Based-On-Luck piece of gear. If you check all by ears and don't trust anything focusrite or the GUI promises, then it can sound good.
But it means a lot of work to find the EQ that randomly fits your needs.
The compressors are a bit better (since there dynamic behavior is done by algorithm and not by convolution), but here you also need a lot of time to set it up.

best regards. JayT.
My impressions exactly.

When LM just came out I was so psyched I bought one right away and mixed a whole record with it exclusively just to get a hang of it. It was a struggle I tell ya. 'Based-on-luck' is very well put.

It's a shame, really. The initial concept is brilliant and I wish the'd fix the bugs that make it an oddball piece of gear at best