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Originally Posted by tobymusic ➡️
Just take a look at the claim from "Stitch333" - how useful is that?
There isn't much claim when I've put in the years (decades at this point) to develop an informed opinion. It is just my opinion, of course.

This thread, in the grand gearslutz style, is a "vs" thread.
So I framed my answer as such. I think qualified people take Gearslutz for exactly what it is.
A lot of fun debate with a small measure of opinion/experience generated information.

On your abstracted train of thought: Are plugins useful and semi-ok sounding if properly twiddled?
Sho! Never said they twernt.
(the use of the emoticon should reinforce the point of reference)

edit: if Alphablast hadn't taken down the drum samples he had posted (above deleted post),
it would have served to show just how bad the plug sounds next to the original.
I heard them and the difference was noticeable even on my laptop speakers.