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If the hammond has Fisher tubes, those could be telefunken as well (score!) but yeah, try swapping out the tubes and see if it increases the sound level and quality.

the final tone control is the the tone of the repeats. the push pull interacts with both of the output signals, make sure you ahve them both patched into a mixer and pan them apart so you can ehar the difference.

Try the instrument 3 input to take the input tubes out of the equation, and try a powered instrument on both inputs (keyboard / organ etc) as the gain on the guitar signal could be suffering.

The quarter inch inputs and outputs I did with regular jacks and some washers to secure them in the DIN holes. It was pretty straight forward. BE careful with the inputs and outputs that need TRS jacks. Inst. 1 has an input and an output, but it is the same as the standard output so you could use a mono for that one. The mic inputs are a bit odd, so I just made din/xlr din/quarter inch inputs for those.