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Thanks! Yes, the input tone controls work. However the rightmost main tone control (the one that pulls in/out) doesn't seem to do much. I assume it's because I'm using a guitar and it only affects higher frequencies.

Great advice about tubes. Mine has mostly telefunken tubes which apparently are pretty valuable, so I may replace less critical ones with others I pulled from a Hammond organ.

My pinch roller also had a dent, but I attached it to a power drill and spun it on some fine sandpaper, and it seems fine now. Yes I'm a cheap b**tard.

I'd like to also replace the DINs but I couldn't see a clean way to remove them and mount 1/4 inch connectors. Do you have details/pics on how you did it?

I'm thoroughly impressed with the overall quality of this device so far. Even just using it as a guitar preamp it sounds great.