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Hey Monomono,

It is the selenium type if it's that square metal box. I kept mine in because the new one didn't sound as good (?) I might try another.

I also replaced the instrument input DINs and the Output DIN with quarter inch jacks. I made Din to quarter inch cables and din to XLR cables for the mic inputs from stuff I got at radio shack.

I got new tape loops from www.Mytapeecho.com and they work perfectly and made a big difference in the sound. So in short, you need some!

Also if you need a new pinch roller I got mine redone here since it had a little dent in it. www.terrysrubberrollers.com/

The left most control I think is effect volume, second is repeats, third is tone of repeats and has the push pull function.

Do the input tone controls effect your input signal?

Remember that the output is pseudo stereo, so if you make a cable for the output make sure you get both signals because one of them is quieter and the push pull switch effects which output has the echo.

IIRC, the dry signal can easily be louder than the echoes in one position of the push pull pot.

Also, don't underestimate new tubes, it can be pretty critical in chasing down gremlins. The tubes handle everything, amplifying the input signals (except inst. 3) driving the record heads, amping the receiving heads, everything. Good old tubes aren't critical in a lot of these functions. I gor 6 JJ ECC83 (12AX7) and put them in, then started switching in the 60's Mullards mine came with in different positions and it only made a good sonic difference in the input preamp stages, and even there it wasn't a huge difference. I tried some old Fisher (telefunken) tubes and it was the same story. So don't waste the life of the nice tubes you have in the mundane jobs of the echo unless you hear a real benefit when substituting them.

Great machine, it'll be worth the effort for sure.

Let me know how it works out.