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I just retored an Echocord Super 65 earlier this year. Great device! I replaced all the electrolytic capacitors except the motor run cap since it appears to be working well and I couldn't get at it easily.

It was really finicky until I replaced the electrolytic capacitors. There is one main dual capacitor that you should replace, I got a suitable one from ebay for $20.

The heads are only switched in with the push buttons, and the heads are not available, you might be able to get it relapped, but there are no replacements available. maybe your tech is wrong?

Replace the rectifier, but the caps are much more critical IMO, and there are very few electrolytics in there (like 5 or 6 maybe)

This thread was very helpful to me.

Repairing a tape echo with tubes (Dynacord Echocord Super 62a) - diyAudio

Also, the old tubes might be shot as well, so get some cheap new tubes to test and use in the non critical positions once it works.

The schematic shows the pin out on the din connectors, just cut a midi cable in half and use one wired up to the input and one to the output. Try the different inputs as well, they may not all be working. Also, the last knob on the front middle has a push pull switch for splitting dry and wet signals or combining them, or something like that. You might not hear the echo unless it is in one position.

So first order of business: Replace all Electrolytic capacitors (those with a plus sign on the schematic) get new tubes (cheap ones will do, mine came with 60's mullards and it doesn't sound that different with $15 JJ's, you can use 12AX7's in all positions, the 12AU7 is the erase oscillator and it works with either tube. Those telefunkens might be long gone and causing your troubles.
Then the rectifier. I skipped the rectifier because mine was working fine and the replacement I had made it noisy. I should try another replacement at some point.

I can't underestimate the improvement new caps made, dropped the noise and raised the level of the echos.

I studied this schematic for a month, and it is still fairly fresh in my mind, so I will be of help when I can be.

These are awesome sounding machines.