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I'm dredging up this old thread a second time!

I just picked up a Dynacord Echocord Super, I believe it's a S62. After cleaning
everything and replacing the weird power connector, I fired it up and at first it
worked great, except the reverb control and main tone control had no effect. The
tape loop is in ok condition.

The after about 10 minutes of use the delay level suddenly dropped significantly
and even with the feedback control on max I get only 2-3 echos. However, the
level of the direct signal is still good. Seems like a problem with the signal from the
playback heads?

I'm nervous to power it back on in case I damage the nice telefunken tubes.

Here is the schematic - would anyone here be able to point to any possible suspect
components I should replace first? Regardless, in due course I will replace the power
supply caps (C20, C25) and probably the rectifier also.

Thanks in advance.