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Originally Posted by chymer
Back to my topic of the 1031A.
Ive hooked them up and I have a few questions for you guys who know them.

1. What do you have the level set at on the back. I ask this because when I turned them on there was an unacceptable level of hiss coming from the speakers and the level of the amp was set to +4. I then turned it down to -6 and the hiss dropped to an acceptable level so everything was cool, but is this normal???

2. I've noticed a difference at first between the 1029A and the 1031A, at first it was like night and day, but the more I listen I'm thinking that the 1031A are probably brighter and have more low end. The 1029A sound a little narrow sounding, but Im worried the 1031A are too bright maybe so Im thinking maybe the 1029a with a sub could be the go, but I do love the 1031A, they sound a lot fuller compared to the 1029A and thats what I want, any comments on this from 1031A users.

Im going to mix a song on them tomorrow and see how it goes, I have them for a week to decide so Im pretty lucky.

I don't have them in front of me now but I think the gain is at "0". Is the hiss there with nothing plugged into the inputs? Mine are really dead quiet.
When I first started using them I had the tweeters down 4dB but I was mixing too bright so soon went to -2dB. As my ears have gotten older (it will happen to you if you stay in the business long enough) I have gone to "0" on the tweeters.
Really, the answer is to try mixing with different settings over a month or so and you'll find the right combination for you.