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Originally Posted by chymer
Thanks for the reply.
I will be hooking the 1031A up over the weekend beside my 1029A in my control room so I guess I'll see how it goes.
I'll be running them with NS-10 and Auratone so i'm hoping Im covered.

I think its funny how Genelecs arent praise more here beause they are great speakers when you know them, Ive used the 1029a for about 6 years now and love them but I cant read the bottom end now, didnt notice it before.
Im guessing the 1031A poo on the Mackie HR824? Dont know but I have A/B them with my 1029A and the genies sounded more open to me, the mackies sounded dull but Ive heard genelec have a "hyped" sound, anyway my mixes dont surprise me when I take them elsewhere so whatever I guess.

look out for the cheap PMC DB1S active ones - cost almost same, maybe bit more than new genelec 1031 and sound way more accurate, since heard them I'm thinking about to ditch my ADAM P11 for them (had 1031 before) which were a step upward in my room already.