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Old 7th June 2003
Here for the gear
Apogee MiniDAC vs BenchMark DAC1

I will actually wait for the MiniDAC (will be here in the next few weeks according to the Apogee website), from what I've heard this thing is utterly astonishing. Someone I know and respect for his sonic opinions and knowledge listened to the Benchmark DAC1 and Apogee MiniDACwhich he had a chance to beta-test.
Before doing the test he anticipated that it would be one of those 'both sound amazing' kind of listening tests wherebye both are so close that its hard to say anything meaningfull, nothing was less true. Altough the DAC1 indeed is amazing, it evaporated compared to MiniDAC. It was the difference of listening to an amazing recording versus really feeling and seeing the instrument in front of you.

Its kind of funny how the DAC1 works as well, they claim 100% jitter reduction, uhm well I opened one up for giggles and found they actually clock outputs with a crystal and use a samplerate converter. Anyway who cares how they do it if it sounds good I always think, nevertheless in this case the MiniDAC (which I havent seen myself yet, let alone opened up) seems to do the job noticeably better.
I haven't heard of anyone who has used the Mytek yet so that will be interesting in a shootout versus both DAC1 and MiniDAC.

So my 2 cents are if you can get a hold of a MiniDAC, DAC1, Mytek have a listening test, and let youre ears decide. For now I bet on Apogee's MiniDAC