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Originally posted by littledog
maybe, maybe not.
Everyone I know that has used the DAC-1 says it is unbelievable, especially at that price. How much more unbelievable can any sub-$1000 DAC be? Just because it has the Mytek name (admittedly a great pedigree) doesn't mean that they can turn lead into gold.
For all intentents and purposes, the DAC-1 is underpriced. If I were a betting man (which is rare heh) I'd take 100:1 odds that it's pricing was targeted to create a stir in the "recording world" where their name recognition was almost non-existant before the DAC-1. I'd say. That hurdle seems to have been cleared, bringing their AD into the limelight which is every bit as good as their DAC. Few in the recording world, realize that Benchmark has been manufacturing AD/DA for the past 10 years and extremely well respected in the broadcasting, classical and film world. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Lucas Films .. co's that can afford anything they want .. have 100's of Benchmark AD/DA.

From what I understand, the ADC-1 will have a little surprise that makes it well worth the wait. So you may want to hold off .... Allen (Pres.) simply won't release something befor it's ready