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Originally Posted by therealbigd ➡️
even better. pip showed some people some mix techniques and mic'ing techniques and suddenly the guy has adopted Pip's persona, and nobody can possibly argue with him because a famous guy came to his university.

I went to a lecture with PrismSound on the mic to monitor tour last year. But I wouldn't come on here telling everyone that I had a better knowledge of A/D/A conversion than anyone else, and everybody can 4cough because I the superior had a lecture with the calibre of Prism Sound.

why do we bother spending years working in studios? why have so many people spent years as tape ops to get their experience? it's clearly pointless. go to Thames Valley University and have a few workshop lessons with some famous people, and all engineers worldwide must bow down to thee, for they spent a few hours with said famous person and in that time adopted their entire lifelong music experience.
Maybe your older and he is barely an adult? Why you making such a big thing out of this? You realise by doing so you come across as much of a prick as he does.