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Originally Posted by Rocket Ronnie ➡️
PMSL..Lame encoded 320kbps is very transparent. I used to be an mp3 snob, still am. Still prefer CD and Flac. But not because I can hear a difference. In ABX I can't. In fact, to date I have only witnessed one person pick it out in ABX. They had damaged hearing.
I have damaged hearing, living with it and working to overcome it can, in the long term, make your ears even better.

In my Army service I used to fire large calibre without ear defence and not really care. Upon taking up music again I figured there was no chance of working in production with shot ears. Now I can sit in my room and hear conversations in the kitchen through a pair of solid core doors (not air tight in between though) perfectly well. I still reckon if people with normal hearing put as much effort into training their ears as people with damaged hearing, they'd hear a lot more than they realise.