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Seems like most of the stuff dubbed "hand-wired" these days tends to have higher-grade parts and assembly. If a true expert sat there an wired it by hand, I suppose there's some virtue in that, but realistically, it's probably an assembly-line with a manual soldering process. I seriously doubt it's one guy sitting there building one amp at a time.

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I bet that 99 times out of 100 it's a buzz word that the marketing team falls in love with. You can technically call anything that is soldered by hand on an assembly line "hand wired" even though that can be more shoddy than automated assembly. I'll take a properly maintained machine over someone who is dying to finish the last few products so they can take their lunch break.

When a company calls something "hand wired" I envision one person building the product start to finish. Unfortunately, I don't think that is ever really the case (except the really boutique-y one man operations). My vision of that word is what makes us justify that extra thousand dollars.