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It's actually a point of some contention. The newer Vox Heritage Handwired series is components, soldered to turrets on a printed circuit board with pots and sockets attached by flying leads. I'd actually call that hybrid, d/t the PCB.

If traces are replaced by wires, then it qualifies as handwired in my book. The substrate it's wired too also becomes contentious. If it's called "point to point" it should be wired with components actually attached to sockets, pots and the chassis with no substrate. However, by convention, PTP is also used to refer to circuits hand soldered onto fibreglass or terminal strips (Matchless) or fibreboard (Fender), or turret boards (Hiwatt).
Yeah, it's an over-used and unregulated term. It implies that someone personally went through the time to dutifully solder each part together to make a sonically superior piece of gear. In reality, it can mean whatever some marketing department wants it to mean--like the Vox stuff. Okay, some of it was 'hand wired', but not like the title IMPLIES, right? Of course there are other things that people really do put the effort and care into to earn the title. The title has become a marketing buzz word though, like 'green' companies and products or 'organic' products--no one regulates or determines what those titles REALLY mean, at least not in the United States, so companies use trends to their own advantage.