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Originally Posted by JoanaC ➡️
I agree with gainstages. Quietglue is cheaper. Since they all are kind of made up of the same stuff, why not choose quietglue which is about $30 cheaper.
Apparently you missed the post from Eric above - the one where he stated (in response to the question: So do you guys think the additional cost for Green Glue is warranted over Quiet Glue?) the following:

I'm not thinking that ......, official lab tests proved it did.
Only 25% Green Glue coverage beats 100% Quiet Glue coverage. See the thread I linked.
Hence comparing both is a simple calculation.
What you say is like comparing Radio Shack microphones to Sure microphones......... since they are made up of the same sort of stuff - why not just buy the RS which are much cheaper than Sure mics?

Or perhaps the Yugo Automobile to a Mercedes - after all - they are both made of of some steel and other stuff that's sort of the same.

Sorry - you can use 2 layers of drywall with green glue in between for about the cost of 3 layers of drywall - and get the result of 4 layers of drywall in return.

Seeing as you need to buy and install 4 times as much quietglue to acheive the same result as Green GLue - there is no cost saving.