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maybe, maybe not.

Historically, lots of high-end companies have experimented with budget-level units with mixed results. Sometimes they come up with a winner, but at least as often they are no better than the other units competing at the same price point. (The Lexicon budget reverbs is one example that comes to mind. The Neumann TLM193 and later the TLM 103 might be another.)

Everyone I know that has used the DAC-1 says it is unbelievable, especially at that price. How much more unbelievable can any sub-$1000 DAC be? Just because it has the Mytek name (admittedly a great pedigree) doesn't mean that they can turn lead into gold.

But I will concede, when someone like Mytek or Stephan Paul announces a "budget" unit, I know I will be very interested in how it turns out. Hey, if Massenburg or Cranesong or Weiss came out with a sub-$500 EQ or compressor, I'd certainly want to hear that as well. but a brand name alone doesn't mean it is guaranteed to blow everything else away.