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Steve brought me my pair of Dragons last week and I am in love with these basts! He's got some killer presets in the manual, but I've discovered a totally killer drum buss setting!

-Input: 3
-4:1 Ratio
-Attack @ 9:00
-Release: Dead middle
-Output: 7 (Sweet spot)
-Stereo Link: ON
*Here's the cool part!*
-Saturate: 2
-Wet/Dry: ON @ 1:00

I leave my settings glued to this for a solid drum buss (sounds incredible using Slate's drum samples!! I've got a great combination of using 3 of his snares, and 2 of his kicks) I just adjust my input & output by running it as an external plugin via Nuendo / Cubase to really dial in how much I want these to hit.

I could go on for days about how good these compressors sound. I've got a couple of killer vocal presets as well... I'll share details later. These are the coolest compressors I've ever used. They really do everything!