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Just to clarify a little bit. The final video and audio is going to be a compressed .mov file, with an uncompressed PCM audio stream. Isn't dialnorm metadata only used / allowed in ac3 files? If I send them a video file with a PCM audio stream, with a certain audio level (let's say limited to -12dBFS), wouldn't the broadcast just output that level, completely disregarding any dialnorm metadata? Again, the spec sheet doesn't seem to be written with great technical accuracy.

What would happen if I sent them a commercial spot limited to 0dBFS? Obviously, they could reject it, but say they didn't, what then? Would they just turn it down, or would it be really loud? I just want to get my spot as competitive as possible with any other commercial (I don't see why this couldn't be possible, with the right settings). Surely all I need to do is brick wall limit to some "dBFS", right? The question is what number is it (-12, -6, etc.)? The last thing I want is a quite commercial... or a really loud one.

Thanks for all of this info, really informative.