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[QUOTE=Sword in Hand;5116372]Not sure I follow. Isn't Dialnorm supposed to be a standard for average sound output level? If the Dialnorm is -24 then, assuming the sound is fairly consistent (mine is just music), one could know their soundtrack was within spec, right? Or are you saying that a Dialnorm of -24 seems low for a TV Spot? Maybe that's were the -12dB Analog comes in, but that part is confusing as well./QUOTE]

Dialnorm is exactly a standard for average sound output level. This output Leq-A level is, for movies, -31 theatrical, and -27 DVD. These numbers are what the playback device aims for.
Now with the metadata you tell the playback system the Leq-A level of your mix. So if your metadata say the mix is at -24, the DVD player will assume it is 3 dB louder than average, and it will attenuate the output by (-)3 dB to get the intended (or target) -27. If your metadata say it's -36, the player will raise the volume accordingly.

What the company probably wants is a mix with an Leq-A level of -24. They seem to just have mixed up Leq-A and Dialnorm.

Dialnorm is a standard system to get mixes with different loudnesses to sound equally loud on a playback system.
Leq-A is a way to measure a mix's loudness. You need to measure your Leq-A to be able to use Dialnorm - but you don't need Dialnorm to measure Leq-A.