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Possibly, they are asking you to mix to a "dialnorm" level of -24 but not setting that as a dialnorm value on the ac3.

Basically, you create mix so that when you measure the average dialogue level with a Dolby Meter or similar LEQA algorithm, it comes up to -24. This is a very loud mix, so when encoding the AC3, if you "cheat" the metadata and say it has a dialnorm level of -31, no attenuation is applied and their advert is loud, just as advertisers like it. Ofcourse this defies the whole point of using dialnorm but they don't care. They just want it to be loud.

Could be wrong but thats how I think it is in this case. In a properly calibrated room and system, an analogue peak average of -20dBFS is what I mix my averge dialogue to for a theatrical mix. When measured for dialnorm this comes up exactly at -31 or -32. So for a loud commercial, I guess the analogue -12 sounds about right and would probably come up as -24 when measured for "dialnorm" values.