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Thank you all for chiming in and so quickly, I love this forum. I will definitely check out Audioleak. So Dialnorm is essentially an averaged level over a long period of time, biased toward dialogue? Does the Waves PAZ meter have an LAeq setting? Or something that will be close / work?

Basically, I would run my audio through a meter with LAeq and it would give me an average number, that number would be my dialnorm, correct? If so, then I'm looking for an average, according to my specs, of -24 right? The -12 must be for a brickwall limiter, like Dallas mentioned. In the end I want to be technically accurate, and I would like to have the commercial be in the same average loudness as any national spot. I always notice local commercials being way too loud or way too quiet, that always bugs me.

Well let me know if I'm on the right track.

Thanks again.