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Old 20th May 2003
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This speaks to something I have been thinking about recently. I used to mix back into the computer. I could, therefore, see my mixes as they happened. I found that, despite my better judgment, I would make decisions based on what I saw (usually decisions about transients, trying to get more RMS by further treating peaks, etc,)

Now, I mix through a Lucid to a Masterlink so there are only LEDs, and I am a better mixer for it. I guess I found seeing the mix too distracting. I felt obligated to try and make it "look mastered".

I transfered a couple of mixes ifrom the Masterlink into the computer the other day and was amazed to see that they looked great. I had acheived a hotter level and more natural balance of transients vs. RMS without any visual aid (duh, go figure).

Has anyone elso noticed being effected by "seeing" their mixes.