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Old 19th May 2003
Who uses their EYE'S as well as their ears?

(Sorry, momentarily distracted by the hail storm commencing outside my flat in London. Don't you just love the English Spring?)

Anyway, reading what John and HiFi said over on the Hardy thread got me thinking...

I have never once in my years of owning the M1's wish I had the put the full metering on ...
This last week I was recording a band and ran out of pre-amps. One of the kids had this cheap little Joe Meek box that I decided to use as an extra pre for one of my mash-it-up ambient mics.

Setting it up I realised that what I was seeing couldn't really be too related to what I was hearing (stuck in the red but not sounding pushed at all) so I just cranked it all up till this thing really started crying and then backed it off until it was more or less just a grumpy little face in the back seat. All the while the meters still said virtually nothing to me. Sure, they were flashing a bit but that's about it.

Another example would be Mr. David Derr's Distressor. The meters can be telling you your whacking the shiggy out of it but it still doesn't sound like 15-20 db of compression. Ok, I know they're not VU's but my point is the same, to some of us unseasoned, umm, pro's, that can be a little scary. I know, I know, just use your ears blah blah blah...

Now don't get me wrong, I'm no meter freak and unless it has to do with something pretty dang critical (like digital conversion) I usually just use my ears but, and here's the question:

When, if ever, and this assumes said equipment does in fact have metering, do you find yourselves relying on said metering, either LED or VU, of said equipment?