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Royer Labs has a warning on their site about these ionic air purifiers that will destroy things like shockmounts (and other rubber objects).

I hope they don't mind me quoting this from their website:

"There is a recent trend to use portable ozone generating machines in closed spaces like homes and recording studios to get rid of unwanted odors, such as smoke or mildew. Be aware that these devices can cause irreparable harm to anything that contains natural or synthetic rubber compounds. Microphones are extremely vulnerable because capsules and shock mounts use rubber to isolate components from vibration and low-frequency energy. Ozone will destroy these items in a very short period of time requiring a costly repair. Other devices are also at risk. Tape recorders, CD changers, DAT recorders and video recorders all use rubber components for shock absorption. And don't forget your speakers and microphone cables. Anything that has rubber, natural or synthetic, is at risk if you use an ozone generating device. Check with the manufacturer of these devices to see if they will guaranty that harmful amounts of ozone are not being produced. We have included a picture of an AT-84 shock mount that was ruined by an ozone generating machine. The shock is less than three months old!"