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No Matching needed in guitar amps. The straight Dope

In a high powered circuit like the Ampeg SVT, yes definitely there must be two matched trios to balance. In a Hi Fi amp, yes definitely if there is no bias and AC balance adjustment to compensate for unmatched tubes. In any tube guitar amp up to 4 power tubes run at rated plate voltage it is not needed. That includes the original Marshall Major 200w. Fender, Marshall,Vox,Traynor,Etc Etc. did not match their tubes. That is why Fender tried the bias balance circuit in Silverface amps, and part of the reason they sounded more sterile than Blackface amps. Unmatched power tubes add to the character of guitar tone, historically. YOU DO NOT NEED MATCHED TUBES AND IT MAY WELL MAKE YOUR GUITAR AMP SOUND WORSE TO YOU.