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Old 7th May 2003
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Is the FATSO more aggressive with its approach to distortion than the HEDD? I've not used or knowingly heard either unit, so I'm basing my guesses on the design philosophies of EL (in your face, but can be gentle) and Cransesong (far less in your face, more subtle and perhaps more refined [no offense, Dave.. it's what I hear]).

The only Cranesong product I've heard that DOES have a bit of obvious 'tude is my Flamingo when I flip in the FAT and/or IRON amps, and drive them hard. Meanwhile, to exemplify the contrasting approaches, the Trakker is a much more subtle animal to the Distressor's beast.

While I'm at it, I'm wondering if the FATSO is to coloration what the Distressor is to compression. IOW, is there a sort of scaled-down version of Distression in the FATSO, and a scaled-down version of FATSO coloration in the Distressor?

How much better does the distortion get, going from my Distressors to the FATSO? Also, how and in what ways is it different (sounding) than the HEDD?