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Here for the gear
Thanks for the questions Trev.

I'll answer your 4th question, which in turn will probably answer your 3rd as well. Favorite signal chains... obviously depends on the kind of sound we're going for, but as a starting point at both The Chop Shop and The Atrium, this is kind of how things end up:

vocal: U47 -> Manley Vox Box
guitars: 57, 421, PR30 -> Neve 1073 or Vintech X73
Bass: Avalon U5 (DI), RE20 or 421 or AT4047 (amp)
Drums -
kick - fet47, AT4047, RE20, 421 -> Neve -> Mercury EQP
snare - 57, PR20, AE3000 -> Neve -> Transient Designer
toms - AE3000, 421 -> Neve
OH - Earthworks, B&K -> Universal Audio 610
Rooms - any large diaphragm condensor (87's, 414's, 4050's) -> 1176
Ambient - Coles 4038, AT4047, u47 -> Mercury 66

This is a similar setup for the Educated Horses album.