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Originally Posted by TranscendingM ➡️
True, and I'll add further that "perfection" is a strange beast regarding sonics. As you point out, ironically Digital is more perfect than analog. But what kind of perfect do we mean? There's technically perfect or in other words representation; linearity. Then there's aesthetically perfect. The kind of "perfect" you would hear putting the finishing touches at the end of a great mix session, let's say. Well designed analog has a lot of that kind of perfect. It's knowing and understanding those fundamentals that allows one to create aesthetic perfection both OTB and ITB. Picking apart minute tech specs will not get you to a great mix. Learning the fundamentals of audio however is all about being a better engineer. Then, respectively & ultimately hands on practice makes you a better mix engineer.

I think most posters here are missing the point. The audio business is about "ART" meaning what ever distortion or colouration makes people smile is the "better" one.. That being said I don't think anyone would argue that a tape machine and a SSL "sounds more musical and cooler" and certianly gets you more involved in the performance and or emotion of the artist.

This ITB or OTB is not the issue, the issue is musicality, depth, width, tone, texture etc etc... Bottom line is digital is cold sounding, analog is warmer, more musical (because of its musical distortions,noise, etc) .. So there fore because production flexibility generally outweighs sonic integrity, we will stay in this digital domain...Think musical, not does this system capture its source perfectly, but does it add a musical ingredient..that is pleasing ....

Just get some records and listen to them for a few days... and then come and post and talk about sample rates and ITB vs OTB ....