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Originally Posted by konkaos ➡️
There are so many good ITB mixes out there from some big time and small time engineers who use 192's so who knows. I think the understanding of ITB techniques and limitations the we had w/ tape and consoles is lacking.
Again this comment is a reflection of the crux of what I was getting at in the original thread: the "understanding", the "limitations" or simply the education is lacking. You can post threads til you're blue in the face as to why this mix isn't as good as that mix but all you are doing is posting symptoms of an issue and not the issue itself.

A proper DAW doesn't sum wrong per say. It just doesn't sum like analog. This is niether good or bad. Anybody who took the time to understand audio fundamentally would then know what to apply or do in "ITB world" to straddle what's good about the "analog world" and the benefits of digital.