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Great ITB-OTB topic continuity!

I hope this one will eventually point out what problems are and what should be improved as there's always space for that.

ITB didn't reach its full potential, it's rather a new technology. I strongly believe that one day it will reach analog in both sonic and musicality department.

The negative artifacts are most pronounced at 44.1k and 48k.
So true - and the big part of those artifacts is distortion that accumulates resulting in harsh sound no one likes

To me - even upsampling to higher sample rates helps to some extent but that doesn't fully avoid all troubles with actual representation of analog source. Not to mention further processing with plugins ending up with reconstructed waveforms with various forms of phase problems and distortion.

If you dig into science more everyone can see that it is capable of modeling and simulating various processes that can be found in nature - far more complex than modeling what's happening inside analog desk for instance. To me, it all comes down to one thing - is this a marketing/production strategy and having advanced digital products kept in reserved state so those will be delivered to a market one day?

Most of highend digital products came out from science laboratories and institutions - actually just a small portion of this all just a matter of patience?