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It's important to apply beat detective to the whole kit and not just the kick track. You do this by adding the trigger points of selected drum tracks to a collection and then conform the entire kit. It's vital to collect each tracks trigger points over the exact same captured time selection before you conform.

Here's an abbreviated guide from memory as I'm not in front of PT:
When you've got you're kick triggers correct, click on the COLLECTION mode button. Click on the ADD button. Your kick triggers are added to something similar to a clipboard. Now click NORMAL mode and find the triggers for the snare track. Enter collection mode again and add them. Repeat these steps for each drum track and then finally conform. Be sure that the captured time selection is the same for each track. Most times you'll get away with just collecting the triggers for the kick and snare and then conforming the entire kit. Be aware of time signatures and check that each trigger is showing the right time/beat location. You may have to manually edit the trigger location of some drums.

It may be helpful to use Low Emphasis on kick and toms, while using High Emphasis on snare and hats when you analyze the tracks.

Much like using auto-tune, tightening drums is an art that can be learnt and developed.

Hope it helps.