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Beat detective question?

Hey guys,

I use Beat detective in frequently. So I am not up on a lot of tricks with it. Well a lot of bands I record do not play with clicks.

I was fixing a drummers part yesterday and he pushes ahead of the beat like a 16th or 32nd…
Then pulls back a 16th or 32nd sometimes in the same bar.
Of course he said he practices with a click all the time.. It was not a feel thing like always ahead.. he was ahead 2 beats then behind then ahead etc etc..He was just listening for the click and the other band members instead of just concentrating on playing time.Only young and new to the studio.. But the prob I have with beat detective is:

So when you chop up the track and if the Kick is say pushed forward a 32nd and now conformed it is in time.
When you try cross fading you get a little click/pop of the old kick as it was so far out it is on the edge of the cross fade… So it goes click…Kick.
I had to trim the Kick track through more so it cross faded a lot earlier manually.
Is there any better way to do this??
I played with making the cross fade bigger but got more click and smaller does not even join up with the hit beforehand as he is way out. I have had this before and would like to know what people do.. It was a 5 minute song so doing this for the whole thing was out and we left it.