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is HS80m = HS50m + SUB?

the answer is no.
However if you guys remember this frequency response; i believe this grahpic answer the question:

As you can see, the HS50M "cutoff" right at 50Hz area while the NS10M is roll-off since 200hz and still have some response around 20hz.

Same as HS80M, it also roll-off like NS10M instead of cut-off; however, HS80M starts to roll-off from 80hz instead of 200 Hz.

Subwolver (also depends whcih sub you get) will give you a huge boost from 40hz to 80hz; so you will ends up have a system that has no "roll-off" and able to be flat all the way from 20hz to 200hz.

But, as i mentioned before, we human can't hear clear below 50hz. Most local speakers can't even play clear enough with anything below 80hz. Yes you can spend hours and days to fix something around 36 hz and ends up nobody recognized it at all.
Many Dance Club's loud speakers cannot handle it well neither. Their Sub is usually confused by the walls and floor reflection.
The best place that will be able shows your good working sub-signal is probabely a professional Dolby, THX, or DTS theater. So if you are working for film industrial, yes i will suggest you get a sub.
Because it does make a big difference in a Dolby theater. however, record company? not so much. Radio? never .