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Yes cocktail is just a combination of a few of those tools with an auto-pilot setting that is handy because you can do everything with one button.
There are a lot of these types of applications out there. They basically take a simple unix command and wrap it in a nice looking aqua interface. That's a great result of Apple going Opensource.
You can find reams of this type of FREE stuff on VersionTracker, as well
as Apple's OSX software page. (BTW If you like mindless games check out this new game "ENIGMO" that's on the apple site it's a hoot.)

As for QuickeysX it's a well-known application from OS7-9 days. It allows you to assign any key to any file command. It let's you change the key commands to ones you might prefer. And it let's you record sequences of keystrokes and clicks in an application.

Quite indispensible in ProTools. That with the Focus Key commands really makes the program fly.

My partner uses DragThing a lot, I just never saw any use for it . . . but I sort of prefer to keep a really clean desktop and he has dozens of icons and bars and things all over his. YMMV