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Old 24th April 2003
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Just in case non one bothered checking out that link

MacFixIt: 'fsck' utility can damage disk drive
Wednesday, April 2, 2003

MacFixIt has posted a "Late-Breakers" article warning that restarting a Mac after running the "fsck" command-line disk repair utility can potentially cause disk corruption.

"Although Apple makes no mention of it in their documentation," the MacFixIt article says, "you can avoid the memory buffer flush by invoking the 'n option.' That command bypasses the disk synchronization process that normally occurs during shutdowns or restarts. To prevent this synchronization and the potential damage it can cause, type the following the after running the fsck utilty.

shutdown -n now

You can also use

reboot -n

to restart the system immediately.

A MacFixIt reader pointed out a UNIX SysAdmin book, which says:

"The -n option is very important. It prevents the sync command from being run, which flushes the output buffers and might very well re-corrupt the filesystem. This is the only time rebooting should occur without syncing the disks."