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That's a really good list, just want to add a few comments.

For maintenance tools you should try Cocktail. It's another one of those OSX GUIs for the underlying unix utilities.

And for managing permissions nothing beats SuperGetInfo.

I read the other day that when you do the fsck-y at the single user startup apparently you need to use the -n flag or when you select reboot you can again damage the disk structure. Read that here

For productivity tools you got to get QuickeysX. There is a demo of V2publicbeta available.
the other one I really like is MaxMenus. It lets you put drop down menus in the corner of your screen that you can actually drag things into.

A great Unix book is Mac OSX Unleashed.
I spent a good year with this book and an iMac - learning the operating system, the Terminal, installing tons of FREE software like AbiWord (Word equivalent) The GIMP (photoshop eq) and gnumeric (excel eq). As well as things like MySQL. Perl, PHP and loads of great stuff that you never could really get into before on the mac platform.

In fact I tested a perl-based bulletin board on an iMac running as an intra-office web server before deploying it on the internet.

Looking forward to more info in this thread.