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Re: I admit it , I`m a forumslut....

Originally posted by plexi
I also noticed Fletcher couldn`t help popping into some of the threads at the homerecording.com forum. You bookmarked it, didn`t you heh
Yep... I've started to realize that if you can help them start to think straight from the "get go"... to not rely on the gear as much as their ears... to not think that skill and talent comes out of a box, then the industry might actually have a chance.

There are so many mooks on these things that think that some $6.50/hr. fenuke from Banjo Mart actually has a clue of what he's talking about... I feel I have a spiritual obligation to go burst some bubbles...

I've been hanging at 'Harmony Central' too... again, trying to give a little insight to some of the blind leading the blinder...

FWIW, I very rarely talk about 'hardware' on those forums... but techinque and philosophy. Free their minds and the rest will follow.

There are so many of the 'up and coming' brothers that get caught up in 'urban myths' about recording... I figure that if some of those 'urban myths' are questioned/dispelled prior to them becoming a full time working part of their program... then maybe, just maybe, the "up and coming" crop of engineers will listen more with their ears and imagination than believing the hype and bull**** spewed by 'urban myth' and bad magazines.

Hey... if you can't give a little something back to the community, what ****ing good are you? I happen to have the time to give something back... so I try.

It ain't a "sales thing" (at lest not inthe short term)... it's a "getting these guys to think for themselves thing"... which I don't think is a bad thing.