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Originally Posted by laser ➡️
....ummm, if I'm partially wrong, which part of my post was wrong?

I'm really trying to determine what I'm dealing with. I was seriously considering switching over to Cubase 5.

Any way you can back off the rant and just share facts?

Sorry for the tone. What I meant was that you're right except that it's worse than you describe. They knew about this not only before C5 came out, but before N4 even.

Originally Posted by TAFKAT ➡️

It wasn't March 2007, N4 wasn't released until late September 2007 , the first report of the solo/mute issue was within the first few weeks of release , by LEX from memory..

It didn't pick up momentum until early 2008 tho.., I agree , its all a blur from there on in... :-(
I think there's a post by Fredo on where he basically acknowledges that part of the solo/mute bug was discovered in '06. It then got worse in N4, and TAFKAT is right, initial reports came out soon after N4's release, and it started picking up steam in the beginning of '08.

Originally Posted by laser ➡️
Thanks, Animus. Obviously, Steinberg didn't give the report the attention it deserved. Frustrating, but most of the DAW manufacturers have been guilty of this at one time or another--though I admit that 2+ years is ridiculous.

What is REALLY concerning is IF they acknowledged the problem before the release of Cubase 5, then didn't address the problem before releasing it. I'm sorry, I just can't do business with a company that would do this.

That's why I'm curious. Any insight on this?

You're absolutely right. Inside sources also told me that there wasn't a plan to fix the problem until the second half of '08. So not only did they not comprehend how problematic the bug was (in addition to the truncated video issue), they didn't really think users would be pissed about it. Only after a lot of noise did they decide that perhaps they should actually fix a product so that it does what it says it does.

At one point I posted a list of posts on this issue. I think it was like one for each thread that discussed it. It was a loooong list. And then if you take into account all the posts not listed there. The point was that Steinberg claimed partial ignorance of the issue although people had been shouting about it for months. I think it got deleted....