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Originally Posted by chrisso ➡️
Uuuurgh, this is going the same way as much of the discussion in the music piracy threads on the business forum.
People seem to want to blame the software producers for all ills, and the crackers nary get a mention.
As one would expect in a thread called "Anti-Piracy tools impact on legit users"... most people are talking about the impact anti-piracy measures have on them. Where is the surprise?

If you rather want to talk about piracy itself(or the impact thereof), I suggest:

I'm coming to the conclusion that everyone who works hard to produce a product for consumers (music, music software) should just stop.
I think your conclusion is counter productive.

The threshold for survival is just being set too low by consumers - software should be less protected and therefore roll with the piracy punches. Software should be free or very, very cheap and maintained by these small producers for many years.
That would be great, thanks.

But seriously, if that was really the case, then there'd be no market in music software and then, business wouldn't be possible. But as far as I can see, it is. And those in it (well, the few that I know) are making a decent living. I'm sure that's not true for everyone, some will be struggling, but that's the same for all industries. The music production "business" itself (overall) is probably be one of the most instable and least gain driven, lowest yield industry there is.

Back to this thread: This is just dialog between users and manufacturers, or rather an organization that represents them. Dialog is good. And so what if some vent? If I have grief with a product, I want the manufacturer to know. Whether it's a bug or an anti-piracy feature doesn't make a difference to me. Blame is irrelevant. I may be understanding and sympathetic as to why such measures are necessary, but I still need a product that works. Full stop. And I'm quite sure the manufacturer wants it to work too (otherwise my custom will be lost), so I'd assume they are (to an extent) actually interested in the customers' grief.